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Himax Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: HIMX) is a fabless semiconductor solution provider dedicated to display imaging processing technologies. Himax is a worldwide market leader in display driver ICs and timing controllers used in TVs, laptops, monitors, mobile phones, tablets, automotive, digital cameras, car navigation, virtual reality (VR) devices and many other consumer electronics devices. The Company also offers CMOS image sensors, wafer level optics for AR devices, 3D Sensing and ultralow power AI Image Sensing, which are used in a wide variety of applications such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, TV, PC camera, automobile, security, medical device, home appliance, AIoT, etc.

At a time when AI is becoming accessible to everyone, the Internet of Things (IoT)  is propelling the movement of artificial intelligence to endpoint devices. Consequently, more and more AIoT devices with edge computing capabilities are emerging, and edge applications related to vision, video, voice, and audio are gaining significant attentions. The conventional Internet of Things collects data through cameras, sensors, readers and other input devices, and transmits raw data to the cloud for further analysis. As one can imagine, handling such a huge amount of data transmission requires high energy consumption, and stimulatingly brings higher security risks. Himax’s WiseEyeTM ultralow power AI processor is meticulously designed to address all these challenges within constrained resources in computing power, embedded memory and power supply.

WiseEye is well adapted to a wide range of computer vision applications that enable seamless interaction between the digital and physical worlds. The developed solutions have been proven in notebook, smart meter reading, security monitoring, smart office, smart home, medical assistance, just name a few.


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