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Build advanced embedded machine learning applications without a PhD.

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Optimize your models & algorithms


Find the perfect balance between DSP configuration and model architecture, all budgeted against memory and latency constraints.

EON™ Compiler

Lighter and faster neural networks with equal accuracy.


Up to 55% less RAM


Up to 35% less ROM

No black boxes.
Total explainability.

Get full visibility across the whole ML pipeline. Developers have complete access to data attributes, DSP algorithms, and model hyperparameters throughout the whole development lifecycle.


Accurately test model performance

Virtual cloud simulation

Unlock early insights by getting performance and accuracy metrics within our cloud hardware simulation framework before deploying on any physical device.

Live classification

Evaluate model performance with live classification on devices, automated ML pipeline testing, and integration with your testing framework.

Build with the best hardware partner ecosystem

Benefit from access and integrations to the leading hardware partner ecosystem from MCUs to MPUs and GPUs including acceleration.

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