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Edge Impulse empowers ML teams to run AI at peak performance on any edge hardware, with unmatched ease and speed.

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# Quick integration for any Python script
import edgeimpulse as ei

# 1. Set API key from Edge Impulse project
ei.API_KEY = "ei_dae2..."
# 2. Profile model performance on target device
results = ei.model.profile(model="/path/to/model",
# 3. View profiling results
# 4. Optimize model and convert to C++ library
from ei.model.output_type import Classification

Integrate with your existing workflows and development tools

Native Python integrations with the Python SDK
Extensive Python and Node.js API bindings
Enterprise level Admin APIs available
AICPA SOC 2 Compliant

Edge Impulse adheres to the strictest security and privacy standards.

Feature engineering for sensor data

Optimize for on-device performance

Anomaly detection

Leverage state-of-the-art anomaly detection algorithms and choose the method that best suits your data and application.

Uncover unexpected signals

Detect anomalies in all sensor modalities with models trained solely on normal data, capable of identifying suspicious signals and indicating when an anomaly is detected, directly on device.

Detect and filter anomalous inputs

Combine anomaly detection and classification models to increase the robustness of your algorithms and ensure that you are always able to detect and filter out unexpected data inputs.

Detect visual anomalies

Build optimized models to detect anomalies in highly dimensional data such as video and image data. Leverage state-of-the-art models built to run efficiently on device.

Object detection on microcontrollers

FOMO (Faster Objects More Objects) is a ground-breaking algorithm that brings real-time object detection, tracking and counting to microcontrollers for the first time. Count objects, find the location of objects in an image, and track multiple objects in real-time.


faster than MobileNet SSD


runs in <200K of RAM

Edge Impulse for OEMs

Integrate edge AI in your platform

Edge Impulse can be fully integrated within your platform, providing a fully branded and customized experience for your users and customers.

Private analytics dashboard

Tap into a rich private analytics dashboard to monitor user engagement, entitlements for enterprise users, project metrics and organizations.

Maximum uptime and safety

Count on maximum uptime and safety with autoscaling, redundancy, CDN, encryption, and including regular software updates.

Optimize and deploy anywhere


Fine-tune your models by analyzing on-device performance and leveraging state-of-the-art optimization techniques.


Test your models with real-world data to catch bottlenecks and make the right tradeoffs before deploying to your device.


Export trained models to an optimized C++ library built for interoperability with any edge device.


Deploy your models with ease while leveraging the ability to continuously monitor and improve their performance.

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