Essential AI. Ubiquitous, distributed AI. Close to the sensor. Inspired by the human brain. Enabled by us.

The world’s first commercial producer of neuromorphic IP.

BrainChip brings common sense to the processing of sensor data, freeing machines to do more with less, enabling them to infer the big picture from the basics.

Accurately. Elegantly. Meaningfully.

We call this Essential AI. Essential is optimizing compute. Maximizing performance. Minimizing power. In the real world. And in real time. We’re proving that on-chip AI, close to the sensor, has a sensational future, for our customers’ products, as well as the planet.

Akida is the world’s first commercial neuromorphic processor.It mimics the brain to analyze only essential sensor inputs at the point of acquisition—rather than through transmission via the cloud.

  • Efficient – with unparalleled precision and economy of energy.
  • Independent – keeping learning local to the chip.
  • Scalable – Universally deployable to support any sensor data.


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