Smart buildings

With Edge Impulse, smart building and home vendors are improving building energy effiency, and creating safer, more comfortable and longer lasting living and working spaces.

Add value to smart buildings with ML

Prevent grid downtime

Monitor electric grid and water networks using sensors to real-time detect faults or issues, so that costly downtime can be avoided.

Improve public safety

Provide intelligent insights real-time to improve traffic monitoring, reduce pollution levels and respond to natural disasters faster.

Build smarter cities

Use ML to make smarter meters, streetlights and traffic lights which can real-time adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Smart building use cases

Glass break detection

Capture specific audio noises such as glass windows breaking to improve security systems and trigger alarms more accurately.

Occupancy detection

Detect human or animal presence in a room, as well as perform people counting using motion or radar sensors.

HVAC predictive maintenance

Proactively detect faults in HVAC systems, to reduce system downtime and send alerts for a technician.

Intelligent environmental control

Utilize temperature, humidity and other environmental data to embed intelligence directly on thermostats to reduce energy costs.

Smart security cameras

Utilize computer vision techniques coupled with other sensor or audio data to more accurately detect and track objects in a camera’s frame of reference.

Smart home voice control

Add keyword spotting capabilities to control lights, windows and other fixtures around the home.

Don’t see a use case that fits? Our team of experts can help you develop a custom solution. Contact us.

Accelerate solution development

Expert support

We are the leaders in embedded ML, with track records of working with top enterprises developing solutions across the wearables, industrial and consumer spaces.

Less engineering time

Speed up development timelines with the best-in-class embedded ML platform, designed to help you create production-grade software in less than six months.

Open source, royalty-free

All Edge Impulse developed algorithms are licensed under Apache 2.0, without royalties. This means that you completely own your algorithms, and no royalties exist when it comes to deploying them.

Flexible deployment

Models developed in Edge Impulse can be deployed to any edge device, whether that is a MCU, processor, GPU or even a mobile device.

Data agnostic

Our platform allows enterprises to manage their sensor, audio and vision data regardless of how it is formatted and where it exists today. From data transformation to DSP, we can help you visualize and wrangle your data to unlock its potential.

Develop new skillsets

Build in-house embedded ML skills over time with Edge Impulse, which can be accessed as a low-to-no code tool to a Jupyter notebook which can be used to make API calls to the platform.

Case studies

IoT Gets an ML Boost, From Edge to Cloud
Today, it’s easy to run Edge Impulse machine learning on any OS like the Linux-powered Raspberry Pi and on every cloud, including Microsoft’s Azure IoT.

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