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Edge Impulse enables developers to create the next generation of intelligent device solutions with embedded Machine Learning.


Start using all your data

Machine Learning at the very edge will enable valuable use of the 99% of sensor data that is discarded today due to cost, bandwidth or power constraints.

  • Detect complex events that rule based systems cannot easily detect.

  • Lower power consumption by only sending when it matters.

  • Faster, more efficient and scalable by processing data directly at the sensor interface.


For any device

Models can be deployed anywhere, from Cortex-M microcontrollers to edge gateways.

Full tinyML pipeline

Our online tinyML lifecycle solution transforms developers’ abilities to deploy ML for embedded devices.

  • Collect data

    High-quality labeled data is critical for ML analysis. We provide tools and guidance for correct data collection straight from your devices.

  • Build a model

    Combine signal processing, neural networks and anomaly detection to understand the real world.

  • Deploy and monitor

    Deploy models as part of your firmware, monitor model performance in the field, and push updates to devices when you gain more knowledge.

About us

From developers, for developers. Founded in 2019 by Zach Shelby and Jan Jongboom, we are on a mission to enable developers to create the next generation of intelligent devices. We believe that machine learning can enable positive change in society, and we are dedicated to support applications for good.

Zach Shelby
Zach Shelby CEO
Jan Jongboom
Jan Jongboom CTO
Mathijs Baaijens
Mathijs Baaijens ML Infra Engineer
Dan Situnayake
Dan Situnayake Founding TinyML Engineer


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