Ambiq creates the leading ultra-low power semiconductor solutions and technology platforms for unprecedented energy-efficient compute.

Ambiq’s mission is to create the lowest-power semiconductor solutions and technology platforms to enable intelligent devices everywhere and drive a more energy-efficient, sustainable, and data-driven world. Ambiq has supported leading manufacturers worldwide in producing products with unrivaled energy efficiency and computing power for personal and contextual AI capabilities on-device and in real-time. Ambiq has shipped over 250 million units and is on track to enable billions of intelligent devices at the edge.

Ambiq’s unique Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT®) platform dramatically reduces power consumption and empowers manufacturers to create intelligent products with battery life that extends from days to weeks, months, or even years. Five generations of Ambiq’s Apollo System-on-Chips and microcontrollers are designed and optimized on the SPOT platform for applications, including wearables, hearables, digital health, smart homes/smart buildings, industrial IoT, and more.

The Apollo510 MCU is Ambiq’s latest offering designed to enable advanced AI capabilities and performance with Ambiq’s lowest power consumption yet. Winner of the 2024 Embedded Award for Hardware from Embedded World, the Apollo510 provides unrivaled energy efficiency at 300x more inference throughput per joule to handle advanced AI such as speech, vision, health, and industrial AI models.

Outstanding Graphics
A 2.5D GPU with vector graphics acceleration for vibrant, crystal-clear, and smooth graphics, a 3.5x overall performance enhancement over the Apollo4 Plus family.

Leading Energy-Efficiency
A complete overhaul in hardware and software to include the Arm-Cortex M55 CPU with Helium to achieve processing speeds up to 250MHz.

Built for Next-Gen AI
Capable of performing a vast majority of AI, all WITHOUT the need for an NPU, including low-power sensor monitoring, always on voice commands, teleco-quality audio enhancements and more.

Robust Security
Built on Ambiq's secureSPOT platform and Arm's TrustZone technology with a physical unclonable function (PUF), tamper-resistant OTP, and secure peripherals — establishing a trusted execution environment (TEE).
neuralSPOT, Ambiq’s complete AI Development Kit (ADK), is purpose-built to support the development of AI on the Apollo family to quickly enable and deploy popular AI models such as health monitoring, voice activity detection, keyword spotting, speech de-noising, and more. The neuralSPOT ADK will streamline AI development and get users running complete AI models on their Apollo-based devices in minutes, eliminating the need to learn unnecessary hardware details. 

Ambiq’s portfolio of extremely low-powered semiconductor solutions and technology platforms continues to grow, with strategic partnerships such as Edge Impulse accelerating our mission of enabling intelligence everywhere.  



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