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Advanced edge ML for every developer and every team.


Free for individual developers looking to deploy innovative ML on any edge device

Get started on
projects with:
20 min per job
4GB or 4 hours of data
1 seat
One admin user.
Basic collaboration
Work with up to 3 additional collaborators on all your projects.
Limited EON Tuner
Find the optimal ML model within the default configuration space.
Limited performance calibration
Rapidly test your solution on a limited amount of real-world data,  before deploying it to your product.
EON Compiler
Community support
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For enterprise companies with
large-scale ML projects

Includes everything in the Developer tier, plus:

Go to production
Configurable compute time
Up to 30,000 minutes included. Additional compute time optional.
Configurable data storage
Multiple seats included
Up to 10 users within your Edge Impulse enterprise Organization. Additional users optional.
Full team collaboration
All users within your Edge Impulse Organization can collaborate across all projects owned by the same Organization.
Managed platform updates
Dedicated support
Private processing and deployment blocks
Hybrid cloud data hosting
Ability to host data at rest and project version backups in your own cloud data bucket.
Full EON Tuner search space
Full performance calibration
Full API access
Private cloud
Ability to host the entire Edge Impulse solution in your preferred cloud account. Optional. Billed monthly.
White label
A branded Edge Impulse platform for your customers with custom URL, SSO and other useful features. Optional. Billed yearly.
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Frequently asked questions

Are there any options for us to validate a use case for embedded ML?

We work with customers as early as R&D all the way to production. If you need to validate a use case before investing further resources, we offer ways to do guided sprints with our solutions teams which focus on understanding your data and pipelines, cleaning the data, and model development and testing. This helps customers decide if they want to then go to the next step of developing and deploying production grade software with our team.

Are there any royalties on your platform?

We do not charge royalties for deploying our software to your devices. All libraries developed in Edge Impulse belong to you, and are source code under Apache 2.0 license. The only cost is the monthly subscription fee for an enterprise license.

Do you provide multiple pricing models?

Yes. If you are interested in learning more about our enterprise offering, please send us an email at, and we can set up a call to discuss further.

What does enterprise support look like?

Enterprise support includes dedicated resources from our best-in-class embedded ML team. We will give you an account manager, a solutions engineer and project management resources to accelerate the validation and development of your embedded ML use case(s). Our enterprise customers generally speed up their development timelines by 2-3x when using our enterprise support, compared to only using internal engineering resources.

Where are your support teams located?

We have engineering teams located across the United States and Europe. Whatever time zone you are in, we can find a way to support you with our internationally located team!

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