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The Edge Impulse University Program empowers educators from around the world to train the next generation of edge machine learning professionals.

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How it works

Teach students to build advanced edge ML applications

Edge Impulse is an end-to-end development platform for
machine learning on any device

Embedded machine learning courseware

To help you teach machine learning on embedded systems, we provide a collection of slides, reading material, videos, and project prompts organized into modules. You are welcome to download, modify, and integrate this material into your curriculum!

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Academic Paper

Edge Impulse partnered with Harvard SEAS to coauthor an academic paper detailing how Edge Impulse provides solutions to many of the challenges faced by the edge and embedded machine learning communities. You can read the abstract and full paper on arXiv.

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Advanced enterprise features with university discount

If you need advanced features and longer training times for complex projects or research teams, we offer a discount to the enterprise edition for universities. See here to learn more about the enterprise features.

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Free ML hardware kits

10x Arduino TinyML kits for each university

Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Lite board
Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Shield
Camera: ArduCam OV7675
USB A to USB Micro B cable
Edge Impulse Studio comes to our rescue, helping the Electronics, Computing, and Control and Automation students to abstract frameworks, such as TensorFlow, to gather data and deploy trained models into embedded devices. Edge Impulse supported our students in all steps of their edge machine learning projects.
Prof. Marcelo José Rovai
Universidade Federal de Itajubá
The future of machine learning is tiny and bright. Edge impulse makes it easy to onboard learners and helps them get started with embedded ML
Prof. Vijay Janapa Reddi
Harvard University
Edge Impulse makes it incredibly easy to get started with machine learning and AI. I especially appreciate their commitment to engaging folks in industry, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, students, educators, researchers, and the like. Making their system accessible for the masses is what really impresses me the most about them.
Orlando S. Hoilett, Ph.D.
Purdue University
Having access to Edge Impulse was huge--it really helped my students better understand the big picture use case for many of the ML techniques we were studying.
LTC David M. Feinauer, PhD, PE
Virginia Military Institute
Industry Applications

Meet the growing industry
demand for edge ML

Machine learning on resource-constrained devices is creating a new field of study while gaining impressive relevance in the industry. New technologies are being developed to solve problems in a variety of areas.


With Edge Impulse, governments and utility providers can more intelligently manage electric and water grids and local infrastructure.

Asset tracking & monitoring

With Edge Impulse, intelligent asset tracking is unlocking new insights in supply chain, logistics, agriculture and other industries where sensor, audio and vision data can be used to provide more contextual awareness to assets.


With Edge ML, agriculture solutions developers can help farmers automate and maximize output, leading to operational automation and machine-led decision making.

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Please fill out the interest form to be added to our mailing list to learn about future promotions and academic edge AI gatherings.
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