NVIDIA Omniverse

Synthetic data, now optimized for the edge.

Developers can now use Edge Impulse and NVIDIA Omniverse™ Replicator for virtual generation and model validation before deploying to any size production hardware.


Don't gather data, generate it

Reduce Costs

Reduce prototyping costs via virtual tools

Speed up Development

Speed up development time and experimentation

Create New Scenarios

Use synthetic data to fortify your model reliability and create new and difficult-to-replicate scenarios

Synthetic data generation is a game-changer for industries operating in complex industrial, remote, or sensitive environments, where obtaining real-world data can be costly, time-consuming, have privacy concerns, or simply cannot account for all types of scenarios.

NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator can generate highly realistic synthetic datasets tailored to train computer vision models used in specific industrial scenarios. When combined with Edge Impulse, users can rapidly create professional-grade industrial ML models that can run on resource-constrained devices.

Validate your models with digital twins.

Models created on the Edge Impulse platform, with real and synthetic data, can now be validated with NVIDIA Omniverse digital twin functionality. You can now rapidly iterate and gain insights into what works best for your application. The digital twin allows you to simulate sensor and model behavior, test MCU compatibility, and more. This capability helps teams optimize and fine-tune AI models before deploying them, saving time and resources in the development process.

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