Accelerate AI Development with Synthetic Data

With NVIDIA Omniverse and Edge Impulse, generate accurate synthetic data to accelerate the training of computer vision AI models for the edge.

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Accelerate computer vision AI development
with NVIDIA Omniverse and Edge Impulse

Do more with less data

Quickly enrich datasets with synthetic data that mimics the real world, right from your computer

Effortlessly enrich your dataset

Build a diverse and reliable dataset by effortlessly tweaking lighting, object positions, and scenes in the simulation environment

Get to market faster

Develop more accurate and adaptable AI models faster that can be used in any edge AI application, including in industrial automation, healthcare, manufacturing, and more

Optimize for edge devices

Train and validate your model and optimize libraries to run on any edge device, from extremely low-power MCUs to efficient Linux CPU targets to any NVIDIA GPU or neural accelerator

How NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator
works with Edge Impulse

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Learn how to train an object detection model with synthetic data
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