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University Program: Arduino Kit Giveaway 2023

TinyML, Machine LearningEdge Impulse is announcing another Arduino kit giveaway for 2023. It is open to higher education institutions that have not previously received Arduino kits.

Shawn Hymel

May 5, 2023

Last year, we gave away a number of Arduino kits to various schools around the world to help instructors build hands-on edge machine learning (ML) curriculum. We are again giving away kits to higher education institutions this year. However, note that the process has changed:

  • Schools that previously received kits may not receive kits again.
  • We are only awarding one bundle of kits to each school.
  • Kits will be awarded based on selection criteria, including greatest needs, course information provided, and proposed curriculum that uses Edge Impulse.

Fill out this form to apply for the Arduino kits.

Embedded ML can be an intimidating subject to teach, as it requires a diverse background and set of skills, including probability theory, data science, machine learning, high- and low-level programming, embedded systems, and digital signal processing. We aim to make this process easier for you.

In addition to potentially receiving hardware kits, we offer a number of other resources to help you construct curriculum and teach edge ML. See the sections below to learn more.

Even if you do not apply for kits, we recommend joining our university mailing list so you can keep up-to-date on the latest developments and events around edge ML in academia.

Read the Professional Development sectionProfessional Development

We recommend a few massive open online courses (MOOCs) to help you get started with embedded ML. The following courses are free with optional paid certification:

Read the Course Material sectionCourse Material

The teaching materials from the previously listed MOOCs can be found in this repository. Everything listed in that repository is open source, and you may take parts (or all) of the material to use in your own curriculum.

Harvard SEAS maintains an additional list of course materials on their TinyMLedu site that we also highly recommend checking out.

Read the Expert Network sectionExpert Network

When you apply for the kits or sign up for the newsletter, you will receive an invitation to join a Discord server with over 400 other educators, students, and edge ML experts discussing projects, curriculum, and workshops.

Read the University Discount sectionUniversity Discount

The free developer version of Edge Impulse should be sufficient for teaching edge ML concepts and for student projects. Both MOOCs, “Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning” and “Computer Vision with Embedded Machine Learning,” utilized the free version of Edge Impulse for hands-on exercises.

However, we realize that you may have more complex projects in mind for research teams. If you require the enterprise version of Edge Impulse (see here for a list of enterprise features), we are happy to discuss a potential university discount with you. You may indicate your desire to chat with a sales representative on the kit application or fill out this form.

Read the Hardware Kits sectionHardware Kits

We are giving away a limited number of bundles consisting of 10x each of the Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kits. Each kit contains the following:

  • Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Lite (without temperature sensor) Rev 1
    • Nordic nRF52840 chipset
    • 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4 running at 64 MHz
    • 256 kB RAM
    • 1 MB flash
  • TinyML breakout board
    • 6 Grove connectors
    • Pushbutton
    • Power terminal
  • USB micro B cable

These kits are designed to work with Edge Impulse and with the course materials listed above. If you are interested in applying for free kits, please fill out the form here.


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