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Over-the-Shoulder Tutorial: Rapidly Build Robust Data-Driven Embedded ML Applications

Machine Learning, Computer VisionIn this upcoming webinar, Zach Shelby and Daniel Situnayake will walk through building commercial embedded ML applications.

Adam Benzion

February 10, 2021

    On February 25th, Zach Shelby and Daniel Situnayake will host a free one-hour webinar organized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. In this in-depth tutorial, attendees will learn how to build commercial embedded machine learning applications in robust implementations, ranging from simple sensor configurations to powerful computer vision deployments.

    Topics covered in the session will include: 

    • Assembling datasets 
    • Designing and training highly accurate models
    • Implementation optimization
    • Integration with the remainder of your edge device

    The webinar will feature a demonstrations of the concepts discussed, followed by a live Q&A.

    Register now! 


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