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Introducing New Features: HDR Camera Support and Sensor Fusion Integration for Sony Spresense

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer VisionWith HDR camera support and the integration of the sensor fusion module on Sony's Spresense SDK, developers gain access to a seamless workflow.

Saniea Akhtar

May 31, 2023

We are thrilled to announce exciting updates to our support for Sony's Spresense platform. At Edge Impulse, we are constantly working to empower developers with the tools they need to build cutting-edge AI applications. With that in mind, we are delighted to introduce two remarkable additions: HDR camera support and integration of the Edge Impulse Studio sensor fusion module.

Read the HDR camera support sectionHDR camera support

The Spresense microcontroller board enables edge solutions with high computing ability and low power consumption, making it ideal for industrial AI applications. Capturing accurate and detailed visual data is one of the main challenges faced in industrial AI application development.

With the new HDR camera support, developers can now leverage the power of high dynamic range imaging on the Spresense platform. HDR technology allows the camera to capture a broader range of brightness levels, resulting in more vibrant and true-to-life images and providing more precise analyses and decision-making. This enhancement opens up a world of possibilities for various industrial AI use cases, such as object detection, quality control, and anomaly detection.

Read the Sensor fusion integration sectionSensor fusion integration

In addition to the HDR camera support, we are also excited to release a firmware update for the Spresense enabling the Edge Impulse sensor fusion module. Sensor fusion plays a vital role in combining data from various sensors to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the environment.

By combining data from multiple sensors, developers can achieve greater accuracy, reliability, and contextual awareness in their AI applications. This opens up new opportunities for industrial use cases that rely on precise motion tracking, orientation detection, and environmental monitoring.

With the addition of HDR camera support and the integration of the sensor fusion module on the Sony Spresense SDK, developers gain access to a seamless workflow. Collecting, processing, and analyzing data has never been easier.

By integrating these new features, developers can take advantage of advanced imaging capabilities and enhanced sensor fusion to unlock the true potential of their AI applications. Whether it's capturing high-quality visuals or achieving precise motion tracking, the possibilities are endless.

We are excited to see what developers will create with the new HDR camera support and sensor fusion firmware update. Visit the Edge Impulse Studio today to explore these features and unleash the full power of the Sony Spresense platform. Together, we can build a future where industrial AI applications thrive.

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