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Edge Impulse Announces Bosch Sensortec Support for Edge ML Sensing Applications

Machine Learning, TinyML, Embedded DevicesEdge Impulse now enables users to develop advanced tools with Bosch's powerful new suite of sensors, found on the Arduino Nicla Sense ME.

Bosch Sensortec

July 19, 2022

    Edge Impulse has announced that its machine learning development platform now supports Bosch Sensortec sensors, utilized on the new Arduino Nicla Sense ME microcontroller board to allow for unprecedented intelligence in edge-based products and solutions.

    The Nicla Sense ME is the first Arduino Pro product developed in collaboration with Bosch Sensortec, designed specifically for accelerating the development of intelligent sensing solutions. Measuring just 22.86mm×22.86mm (0.9in.×0.9in.), the Nicla Sense ME features a powerful 64MHz Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller that can easily handle edge AI functions even with a low power draw; the option to use battery power further complements its size and portability for remote environmental monitoring. Meanwhile, the advanced Bosch Sensortec sensors provide multiple ways to collect and analyze data, including: accelerometer and gyroscope (BHI260AP); high-accuracy pressure sensor (BMP390); a geomagnetic sensor (BMM150); and a combined low-power gas, pressure, temperature, and humidity sensor (BME688). These four sensors can also be used in concert for concurrent environmental and movement analysis.

    Edge Impulse, the leading development platform for ML on edge devices, allows developers to quickly and easily create and optimize solutions with real-world data, such as those collected by Sensortec sensors. The company's platform streamlines the entire process of gathering and structuring datasets, designing ML algorithms with ready-made building blocks, validating the models with real-time data, and deploying the fully optimized production-ready result to an edge target. The Edge Impulse development platform, already in use by thousands of companies, stands to unlock massive value across every industry, with millions of developers making billions of devices smarter.

    "The capabilities of the Nicla Sense ME and its Bosch Sensortec sensors open incredible opportunities for enterprise applications," says Edge Impulse CEO and co-founder Zach Shelby. "Using the accessible development tools provided by Edge Impulse, Bosch, and Arduino will allow more engineers and developers to move intelligence closer to where the data is being collected."

    "The next generation of industrial monitoring is smart sensing that can be deployed in remote environments," said Bosch Sensortec CEO Stefan Finkbeiner. "Bosch Sensortec's capabilities are perfectly matched to Arduino's hardware and Edge Impulse's machine learning platform to rapidly design, train, and launch custom tools for almost any service."

    For more information on utilizing Edge Impulse with the Nicla Sense ME, refer to the setup documentation on Edge Impulse's website


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