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Celebrating 100,000 Edge Impulse Users!

Artificial Intelligence
By Edge Impulse Team
Celebrating 100,000 Edge Impulse Users!

In 2019, we had a vision to empower all developers to build edge AI/ML applications faster and easier. We saw a shift, both in the technological capacities of microcontrollers and in the needs of enterprises and end users, and we knew that in the future we would see more and more smart devices running critical applications, from healthcare to agriculture to industrial and more. 

With the support of developers like you, and our community, we’ve hit a huge milestone — we now have over 100,000 users on the Edge Impulse platform building projects for applications ranging from wearables and digital health to logistics and industrial, and beyond. 

We wanted to take a quick moment to celebrate and thank you all for joining us on this journey. We see a future where millions of developers like you are building billions of smart devices, powered by Edge Impulse. Here’s to building the future together. 

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