Bringing Development of BrainChip Akida Neuromorphic Models to All Using Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse and BrainChip recently partnered to bring the power of neuromorphic computing to all developers. This webinar provides an early look at the results of that integration, and shows how to build and deploy efficient BrainChip Akida neuromorphic models using the Edge Impulse platform.

Key topics covered include:

"Since announcing our partnership to accelerate AI/ML deployments with Edge Impulse in May, we have worked diligently to bring this next-generation technology to markets," said Anil Mankar, CDO of BrainChip. "We are excited to share those advancements to those joining the webinar and hope that attendees will get a better understanding of how they can use BrainChip and Edge Impulse to build and deploy advanced ML solutions quickly and easily."



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