Introducing CommonSense Integration: Enhanced Sensor Features with Sony Spresense

When the Sony Spresense MCU board debuted in 2018, it quickly became a standout based on its high-performance processor, low power draw, and potential for AI projects. We were thrilled to add it as an official hardware target in 2021, furthering it as a solution for a multitude of AI endeavors using its cameras and microphone hookups.

Now, thanks to the new CommonSense expansion board and its official integration into our platform, Sony Spresense users can access a wide array of sensors in their Edge Impulse projects.

CommonSense mounted to Spresense 

The CommonSense expansion board, produced by SensiEDGE, provides an array of new sensor capabilities to Spresense, including a 3D accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature, humidity, pressure, proximity, ambient light, UV, air quality gas, and magnetic sensors.

Users will find a new Spresense+CommonSense target in the Edge Impulse platform, allowing them to directly access data from any of the sensors. Data from multiple sensors can also be concurrently, using our sensor fusion module, paving the way for more robust and complex applications.

The CommonSense board also features an integrated rechargeable battery, eliminating the necessity for a continuous power supply and allowing for finished products to be viable for remote installations where a constant power source might be challenging to secure.

“We’ve been impressed with the power of Spresense since we began working with Sony on supporting it,” said Raul Vergara, Edge Impulse Executive Vice President of Growth. “Adding in CommonSense’s range of capabilities makes this a powerful option that teams will want to consider for industrial applications and much more.”

CommonSense is available for purchase at Mouser.
You can find more information about it on their product page.

Getting started with Spresense

Want to get underway with Sony Spresense on your next project? Here are some resources that will help get you up to speed quickly:


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