A Big Farewell to 2021 with 21+ tinyML Projects

These last 12 months were truly a pivotal time for Edge Impulse, marked by our inaugural flagship event Imagine, new tools like the EON Tuner, funding rounds, a slew of supported hardware, and of course, countless contributions from our fast-growing community. As we prepare to turn the page on this incredible year, we’re taking a look back at just some of the embedded ML projects created by our 30K+ developers - in no particular order. Working on an application of your own? Be sure to let us know!

Sniff out various smells with an artificial nose (Benjamin Cabé)

Retrofit analog sensors with ML smarts (Brandon Satrom)

Monitor reckless driving in your neighborhood with a portable speed trap (Rob Lauer)

Prevent wildfires with the Jewel Beetle system (Pratyush Mallick)

Assist drivers pull into their parking spaces with computer vision (Manivannan S)

Spot intruders using ultra-low-powered thermal vision (Naveen Kumar)

Ease pet separation anxiety thanks to the tinyML dog bark stopper (Nathaniel Felleke)

Hear underwater events with the AI ArduBuoy (Luke Berndt)

Maximize crop yield and minimize water waste with an AI-managed irrigation system (Evan Rust)

Automate satellite image classification in space (Dhruv Sheth)

Find pipeline faults with the TinySewer camera module (Huy Mai)

Calculate how much reading time remains in your book (Roni Bandini)

Notify farmers of potential respiratory disease in their pigpens (Clinton Odour)

Enhance cyclist safety with voice-controlled turn lights (Alvaro Gonzalez-Vila)

Detect pneumonia on cheap devices consuming less than 1 mW (Arijit Das)

Enforce safety on worksites with a hard hat detector (Monica Houston)

Train your watch to recognize different hand movements (Thomas Vikström)

Scale your fleet of edge ML solutions (Mithun Das)

Deploy an autonomous robot to help with litter removal (Kutluhan Aktar)

Measure car tire pressure with machine vision (Bob Hammell)

Pilot a drone via vision-based gestures (Cris Thomas and Jiss Joseph Thomas)

Classify microorgnisms using low-cost microscopes (Sai Charan Kovuru and Sri Sai Tarun)

Catch pests destroying your yard with this Raspberry Pi setup (TJ VanToll)

Reduce the spread of malaria with an acoustic mosquito detection device (Solomon Muhunyo Githu)


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