Machine learning at scale. Built for you. At speed.

At Canairy, we’re creating the technology that allows you to introduce the power of machine learning without having to start from scratch. Canairy enables you to incorporate machine learning into your products in just a few simple steps. Sitting on top of cutting-edge hardware, AI, and web technologies, it delivers machine learning quickly and cost effectively.

We are a team of technologists excited about the opportunities that machine learning can offer. With a range of backgrounds from software development to circuit design and hardware development, we are all driven by the need to meaningful change in technology.

We started Canairy not to use machine learning for its own sake but to find ways to help companies create better services and products that were driven by technology.

Your hardware is unique and it should be treated as such. Canairy is always customised to meet the particular needs of your hardware and business. We draw data from the real world. We’re building hardware that comes pre-loaded with code that is customised for your applications. We take care of all your raw data and the management of your remote devices, leaving you to focus on the problems that matter to your business. Our dashboard gives you instant access to the hidden value of the data you collect. You can track your equipment, see how well it’s performing, and find out if it needs maintenance.



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